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Found & Purpose

The Mbinga Children's Organization (MCO) was established in 2002 with the goal of providing education, housing, food, as well as a caring environment for children of poverty in the Mbinga District of Tanzania. MCO’s purpose is to offer an opportunity for these children to receive the education and attention they need in order to increase self-sufficiency and live fuller lives within their community.

  • Non Profit Organisation
  • Aiming on Suporting Orphans


Quality Education

A good quality education is one that provides all learners with capabilities they require to become economically productive, develop sustainable livelihoods, contribute to peaceful and democratic societies and enhance individual well-being.

Special Child Care

We provide Special care for Children... Special Child Care Benefit can help where there is:a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect, or a family with an exceptional case of short term financial hardship which has substantially reduced their capacity to pay child care fees.

Special Requirements

These are necesary needs, basic needs like Shelter, Food & Clothing

How We Help

The estimated number of children orphaned or without parental care due to HIV/AIDS in the Mbinga district is 600. This number does not include the homeless children on the streets.

The Mbinga Children's organization recognizes this issue in Tanzania and has built Twiga Cares For You, a 20-acre campus which provides a caring environment for 100 children by offering education, attention, shelter, food, and school supplies. Our staff of teachers and cooks are committed and compassionate individuals, who volunteer their time even if they may be struggling financially themselves. The organization owns a 15-acre farm were crops are grown for the children's meals. School uniforms, shoes, and books are also supplied. We provide homes for the children by finding volunteers who take in students and have also built a dormitory, which houses children on the campus.

The Mbinga Children’s Organization currently is raising funds for:

- additional construction to complete school
(i.e. library, more dormitories, kitchen on campus)
- teacher housing and salaries
- electricity/solar power
- various supplies and equipment

These additions will assist the school to expand and help more children in the Mbinga district and provide a full functioning facility that fulfills the educational, emotional, and physical needs to children born without these privileges.




    Mama Ndimbo(Board Member)

    Due to the loyalty and devotion of the board members the school has many requests for private tutoring from students outside of the Mbinga Children’s organization. This allows our teachers to make additional income from time to time.


    Babu & The Children

    When the land was initially purchased the villagers were resistant to us because they thought the organization was there to make money. So the villagers told an elderly man named Babu, who had a hut in the area to not move out until we compensated him.

    The Mbinga Children’s Organization built a house for Babu next to the school, and the children share their meals with him. They students call him Grandpa and he is so grateful to have the children as his neighbors and friends.


    Mama Ester(Board Member)


    Some people would not take the school seriously when it first opened in 2004, since the students only gathered in the living room of one of the board members, Mama Ndimbo. However, due to the staff’s ambition, dedication, and love for the children things have improved and now the school has its own beautiful campus with classrooms. The children are so happy to have a place to study.

  • Wileharda Kilian


    I was inspired to establish the Mbinga Children’s Organization
    after inheriting six children from my brother and sister-in-law who passed
    away from AIDS in 1998. I am aware of the impact that AIDS/HIV and 
    poverty have on the families and children of Tanzania. The Mbinga Children’s
    Organization’s goal is to provide a caring environment for children who are
    denied basic necessities due to the effects of parental poverty.


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